Jeff has enjoyed a career spanning more than two decades with one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. He is a Health Science Consultant, serving as a scientific liaison to physicians, academicians, and health educators. As a five-time recipient of the Vice President's Award, he has earned "Hall of Fame" status. Jeff has a BA in speech communication, with an emphasis in interpersonal and organizational communication, from Cal State University, Long Beach, and an MBA from Pepperdine University. He has taught public speaking at the university level and conducted numerous workshops on listening, presentation skills, and customer engagement.

Jeff is an engaging speaker, who developed his listening skills through performing on stage, at a young age, as an actor. The improvisational ability he developed by working spontaneously with audiences transferred beautifully to his professional career where he delivers quality customer engagement and serves as an educator and speaker.

His love for dogs is portrayed in the 2015 release, Dogtology, a whimsical exploration of humankind's fanatical devotion to dogs. Jeff grew up acting in theater, and is an avid music fan who plays guitar. As a major sports enthusiast and knowledgeable fan, he has coached championship-winning youth sports teams in baseball and soccer.

Dogs keep it “fur real” and are “pawsitively” head and shoulders above us when it comes to listening. 

  • Would a dog spend its evenings roaming around World of Woofcraft with a virtual dog pack instead of its real friends?
  • Would a dog pretend to listen to you because it was too busy Tweeting (or Arfing, as the case may be)?
  • Would a dog text you a request for a treat, even if it could?
  • Would a dog click a “wag tail” button to tell you it liked you? Would it wait in line for days for the release of the iWag 9?

You already know!