Gunner's Story


In 2001, Gunner came into our lives, originally for my husband Greg. Gunner, an Australian Cattle Dog, brought so much joy to our loves, as he was so loyal, caring and the most loving do.  Sadly, in 2002, my life crumbled right before my eyes, as my beloved husband Greg passed away.  I wasn't sure if my life could go on without him.  I had a special love for Gunner and he became my rock. Gunner knew that I was deeply hurting inside and I knew that he was too.  I would sit and cry and he would lick my tears from my face, and in turn I would hug him for comfort. Days would go by, and go by and despite having plenty of humans for family, Gunner became my best friend and my solace.  Gunner knew that I was sad and he would just look at me and that's when I felt that I had someone who would listen to me, really listen.  I could just go on and on venting and he never minded it.  The years we had together were so precious and I loved him dearly.  Gunner was my companion and best friend, until his departure in 2011.  As I miss him terribly still today, I will still talk to Gunner.  I even receive signs from him and I know he's still with me, and listening.

Dogs really listen to you. If you just look into their eyes, you can see and feel a great listener.  This makes me think how people really listen to one another.  They rarely do. We would all benefit greatly if we would listen more like our dogs.  We would receive so much more comfort and friendship.  We need to listen like our dogs.